Abstracts and Posters

Abstracts will be considered as submissions for poster display. Each poster presentor will be invited to do a 1 minute (60 second max please!) flash presentation on one slide. Submitters are requested to indicate if they would be willing to do a platform presentation. The abstracts submitted for review with interested potential platform speakers will be reviewed by the program committee.

Abstracts to be included in the meeting are to be submitted by June 15, 2017. Abstracts must be limited to 2500 characters including spaces. The abstract should be put in the upper left corner of the poster. Abstract inquiries can be emailed to cardiac17@uw.edu. Details for the abstract organization (e.g. first author, list of institution, title, english language) are listed on the FASEB.ORG website.

To submit your abstract, type or paste it into the form box below, or email it to cardio17@uw.edu.

The poster size is 3' by 3'.

NOTE: Due to space limitations, we will attempt to display all posters for both days. If more than 40 posters are submitted, then we will split them between sessions.

Received Abstracts

Click on the abstract title to view the submitted abstract. Those who wish to pre-submit their poster can explore opportunities on F1000. An example of an abstract and poster can be seen at F1000 at http://f1000.com/work/ and search under the author of Bassingthwaighte.

Reference Papers

This section under construction.